New chapter.

Today we will write a new chapter in our surch to find an income in Chiang Mai. I have decided to be an internet-nomad. Without the nomad part. My goal is still to live in Chiang Mai. But as we know by now, finding a regular job in that beautifull city is rather hard. 

In this last year I took the time to find some income at the internet. And finally I found some small money writing articles. I am working to make the small money a little bigger so it will be enough to survive in Chiang Mai.

That is why I registrated a new business in the Netherlands. JVProductions Unlimited. Now I can accept serious orders from serieus clients. The homebase will stay in Holland but I can do the job anyware. Even in Chiang Mai, when the WiFi is good. 



A regular job in Chiang Mai.

Finding a regular job in Chiang Mai is almost impossible because the strict rules for a work-permit. You can only get a work-permit if your job can't be done by Thai people. A company needs to have at least four Thai employees when at one foreign employee. So only big compagnies are able to hire a foreigner. The functions they offer are only for specialists.

So I am back to plan to work as a digital nomad. Finding money on the internet. Still searching... 


Still stuck in Holland.

In the surch to find money to survive in Thailand I am still stuck in Holland. Meanwhile I travelled several times to Chiang Mai. But I still do not know how to earn a living in my beloved town.


There are internetmarketeers on the internet with the satus of a guru. They can tell you how to make big money on the internet. Meanwhile they are the only one earning lots of money. 

I have not found the right way to earn some real money on the internet. Untill now it are still peanuts. And, although I won't need much for living in Chiangmai, I can not live on peanuts. 

So the surch goes on. 



Selling the book.

The best sold e-books on the net are about making money on the internet. Those books generaly tell you: "To do as I do".

This methode is very old. Twenty years ago there would be adds in the newspaper. "How to make money at home." You had to write a letter and the answer would be: pay € 10,-- for the course. When people paid € 10,-- the answer would be: "Do as I do"; place an add in the paper and sell this course.

The same is happening now on the internet.





Making money on the internet.

One possibility to survive in Chiang Mai is making money on the internet. Last time we spoke about affilate marketing. With this kind of marketing you will earn money by selling products of third parties. For example, you advertise for a e-book and when a book is sold you get your share. 

If selling an e-book is one thing. Writing a e-book is another. If you could sell your own e-book the profit shall be much higher. The most sold e-books on the net are about making money on the internet.

So maybe we could bundle this blog to a book and sell it ! 



Find the money.

So we have to find an income of € 500,-- each month to survive in Chiang Mai. The first option is to earn money on the internet. There are several options to do so. The first is affiliate marketing. 

Affiliate marketing means that you will get commision when you advertise for a company. You can put advertisements on your website or your blog. The key is that your page has a lot of visitors. That is why it need great content. It would take a lot of time before a site is so populair that it brings in money.

Maybe we can make this  blog so populair it brings in money?! Just joking ...



Living in Chiang Mai

The goal is living in Chaing Mai. How can I survive in this Thai city? The cost of living is supose to be low. On the internet there are several expats explaining how they survive on 20.000 thb. that is about 500 euro.

The biggest problem now is to earn that € 500,-- while it is prohibited for a foreigner to work.

So this is the quest for the comming months. Find the money !